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Businesses of all types can benefit from an advanced video surveillance system. Whether you are a multi-tenant office building or a Big Box retail outlet, video surveillance can help you maximize security and minimize theft.

Commercial, Industrial and Residential

  • Cutting edge video recording technology. A variety of lenses and resolutions for different applications.

Highest Resolution Cameras In All Categories

  • See everything with HD Network cameras ranging from 1080 to an incredible 40 megapixel.

Industrial Perimeter Defense

  • Thermal Technology: Utilizing Thermal technology, protect your assists against absolute darkness or even monitoring of equipment temperature. With thermal imaging, you can monitor fence lines and set off alarms when a piece of equipment reaches a set temperature threshold.
  • License Plate Readers: Track vehicles entering and exiting your facility with license plate recognition. Set alerts for when a specific vehicle enters the property.
  • Face Recognition Solution: Once a person’s face is saved to your ‘blacklist’ or VIP ‘whitelist’ library, entry gates can be triggered to allow or deny access. The system can also be set to trigger an alarm for faces not recorded in the library, in order to prevent stranger intrusions.

Retail and Loss Prevention

  • Video surveillance and LP work together better than ever.
  • Dual-Lense People Counting Technology: Precise people counting data can provide the data reference for effective and accurate management and decision making. The technology can be applied to several industries, including retail and chain, real estate, transportation, public service, tourism, etc.
  • POS Solution: POS text overlay function make it possible to integrate video surveillance system into the central management system. This ease the management dramatically. The  video which  is  recorded  with overlaid text  provides more  details  of  each transaction and footage searching becomes so easy based on this information for the end user. This technology is extreme important for solving disputed problems between clients and preventing inside jobs.

Copper & Fiber Optic Structured Cabling

Communications Cabling

Fiber Optics

Cabinets and Racks

Wire Management Maintenance and Service Contracts

Cable Audits and Certifications

Security Alarm

Alarm Monitoring

Be confident knowing you’re protected by a 24 Hour UL listed monitoring station.

Remote Automation

Use your mobile device to control your home security system. Lights, locks, thermostats, and schedules can be managed by your mobile device.

Doorbell Cameras

From wherever you are, see, hear, and speak to whoever’s at your door.

Electronic Door Access Control

Control Employee Access

Track and Schedule Site Access

Audio / Video

Total Residential A/V Solution

Whole Home Audio

Theater Audio